Fénix Program:
Reborn as a professional
after concluding your sports career

Shorai, the entrepreneur and sports club that offers all sorts of financial, business or networking advantages for professional athletes, has created the Fénix program, a total solution to facilitate a simple transition for when you decide to retire. And if you have already concluded your sports career, you will find in Fénix the motivation you need to develop your new professional stage.

The Fénix Program is a special training from Club Shorai in which we have combined the experience of great professionals from different fields to HELP YOU to manage your finances efficiently, WATCH OVER YOU both physically and emotionally and ORIENT you towards a new professional future.

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We have been sportsmen. And we've been in your situation.
That's why we know what you need. And that's why our
ultimate goal is to take care of you at one of the most important
moment of your career: the day you say farewell. More information

Our Philosophy


You will find a helping hand in us
during that difficult transition, helping you gain INSIGHT
on the concrete challenges that you are going to face,
understanding their possible scope and impact.

Our Philosophy


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WE GUIDE and FORM YOU in an innovative and
eminently practical way, so you can have the tools
that will help you make your own decisions
freely and independently.

Our Philosophy


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Only with CONFIDENCE in your abilities, talents and personal balance
you will find the most appropriate way to guide your journey
towards a professional and personal successful future

Our Philosophy


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Our Team

Great professionals from the world of finance, psychology, coaching, business and sports
united to provide you with exceptional experience and learning.


  • If you want to continue your professional career as a sports coach, our partner can pave your way. With his help, and with his premium plan free for three months, you can start NOW your new career path. There are one of a kind opportunities. 


  • The friendly business incubator with which to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, if that is your dream. An accelerated learning curve is secured with them. They also offer you a special 20% discount on your digital marketing course... ¿Will you undertake with them?

  • Twenix is ​​the ally you need if you want to improve your English. With 26-minute online conversations, qualified teachers from around the world bring different topics every day – speaking fluent English is at your fingertips. And they will give you a 15% discount on their "20+ sessions" plan just for belonging to the Shorai Club. Ready?

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