Know “Saisei"
our method to success

EThe Saisei method is eminently practical, experiential and intensive. Because only with practice you truly learn. And also, we work with very small and exclusive groups to offer a personal experience in which the best professionals will lead you towards achieving a future of success. To achieve a perfect balance between your professional, personal , financial and physical aspects..

Target audience

Are or were you a professional athlete and want to prepare yourself to start a new professional life?
The Fénix program is for you.

Our objectives

To provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to make a positive and balanced personal and
professional transition towards your new life.


We will define clearly what your values, talents, interests and strengths are, in order to develop a solid life and professional project.


We will design your work profile and achieve your short, medium and long term professional goals through individual sessions with a Personal Coach.


You will discover what they are and how to use them to achieve your professional goals: Personal branding, Networking, Knowmad Mindset, Social Networking, Digital training, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship.


We will identify the mental and emotional traps that arise at the end of your sports career.


You will learn to control them without the need for 3rd parties, knowing your assets in detail and having full control to give you peace of mind and the lifestyle of your choice.


We will develop your investor senses so that you understand the different risks and get the best returns. Vital in your new life!


They've already been where you are today. They can guide you better than anyone thanks to their vital experience. They will be of great help to you.


You will know what strategies you can use in each moment, your "lifelines" and how they can support you and in what way.



You will take off in your new life with a clear direction, security, balance and the support of the entire Shorai community.


  • If you want to continue your professional career as a sports coach, our partner can pave your way. With his help, and with his premium plan free for three months, you can start NOW your new career path. There are one of a kind opportunities. 


  • The friendly business incubator with which to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, if that is your dream. An accelerated learning curve is secured with them. They also offer you a special 20% discount on your digital marketing course... ¿Will you undertake with them?

  • Twenix is ​​the ally you need if you want to improve your English. With 26-minute online conversations, qualified teachers from around the world bring different topics every day – speaking fluent English is at your fingertips. And they will give you a 15% discount on their "20+ sessions" plan just for belonging to the Shorai Club. Ready?

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