Gregorio Hernández

Fénix Financial Program Author

I am a long-term investor in the stock market. I follow the stock exchange since I have use of reason, thanks to my father for having taught me, while still being very young, what were shares, dividends... A world that I was passionate about from the very first moment. That is why I have never stopped learning new things about the Stock Exchange, until I reached a level of knowledge that, nowadays, allows me to teach others.

I have developed Shoria's finance course because I am captivated by financial education teaching. And delivering it to such a special group as elite athletes, seemed like a great idea for I have always liked sports. Since I was little I kept seeing many athletes going through hardship after retiring, because their reality suddenly disappeared and, generally, they did not have a guide that would help them live in the best possible way this new strange stage in their lives. It's time for that to change.

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