Borja Larragán

CEO & Co-Founder

I am a former professional basketball player. I started my career in the lower categories in Real Madrid and I was fortunate enough to have college experience at Providence College (USA).

I played both in the ACB and in the Spanish LEB and I have international experience, at a professional level, in the French Premier League. I graduated with honors from the University of Marist College (NY) from the International Business School.

Once I retired from basketball, I decided to obtain two masters to professionally recycle myself: FEBF (Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies) and MIB (Master in Internet Business).

I have been collaborating with my family's investments management for a couple of years. I am very interested in new technologies, sports and entrepreneurship, which is why I decided to merge them in the Shorai Investment Club, to help a lot of athletes with a unique training: the Fénix Program.

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