Beatriz Roca

Fénix Program Director

I am passionate about change and I really believe that "the only thing that does not change is that everything changes". But I am aware that this change that inspires and motivates me brings uncertainty, discomfort and even fear for a great majority of people.

As a Coach, I have specialized in transitions, that is to say, being a companion during those profound changes that occur when one abandons one's profession – when facing a radically different career or even tackling that strange phase called retirement. Considering that athletes are the main professionals that face both situations rather suddenly, the Fénix Program captivated me from its conception.

Coordinating the Program, creating and delivering the Professional Development Module, and exercising my profession with the athletes who join Shorai, is my way to continue my journey while helping and accompanying each of these professionals in theirs. ¡A real treat!

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